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Desire and ambition are fuel for human development. Everyone is aware of this, but there are times when our thoughts and actions don’t resonate with what we actually stand for.

This is a form of disorientation from our natural self and can only be controlled once we learn how to channelize our energy in the right direction and be aware of our thoughts and actions.

Read on to understand how to break out of the socially conditioned paradigm and be more “prone” to success in all facets of life.

Stop the Complain Game

There are things in our lives which we are are not responsible for, like where we are born and the body we are born with. Excepting the cards you’ve been dealt is vital. Playing that hand to the best of your ability is the best way to keep from complaints. Gratefulness is the best way to stay away from complaining. When you are happy with what you have you won’t complain about the life you’ve been awarded.

Regardless of whether we accept it or not, we are totally responsible for the outcome. When a person decides to take complete ownership of his or her life, there’s a paradigm shift – which is – “I’ll take my own decisions and own 100% of them”.

So, instead of blaming the government, for example, for the lack of savings in your bank account, you will start thinking of ways to grow your income and enter new avenues of growth in life.

Excuses are Plenty

Many people complain of not having plenty of opportunities around them as compared to some other place or person. We justify things we shouldn’t, only to satisfy a false sense of comfort.

Our excuses, regardless of how big or small, are like walls between us and the available opportunities in the world around us. There are plenty excuses for you to pick from. “Its too hard, or I’m tired.” Every single one of them will delay purpose in your live. Can you afford another day with destiny delayed? I didn’t think so. Ban excuses. You’re better than that.

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness is an art which takes consciousness to your present moment and helps you become more aware of yourself. Once you begin having a strong grip over your thoughts, speech, and actions – positive change is inevitable. Being in the moment and cognisant of the present is important to success. No matter if its a task you are working on or a dream your working toward.

Embracing mindfulness can be huge for you. Not only will you begin attracting more long-term success, but opportunities around you become much more clear.  Try it!

Manage your Habits

It’s natural to develop unhealthy habits in the kind of social conditioning most experience. Once you begin focusing on personal growth, you will begin noticing them. Shaking bad habits takes as much effort and time as it takes to make good ones. You have to take a conscious step towards eliminating unhealthy routines. Literally sitting down and taking note of these patterns and coming up with ways to combat them are your first steps.

For example, if someone has developed a habit of cursing, they realize it, develop a system to decrease swearing like using other words. A better vocabulary becomes the result.

Final thoughts…

It becomes critical to realize that the only thing stopping you from achieving more is you. It’s our personal responsibility to go beyond any limiting beliefs, stop unhealthy habits and raise levels of positivity.

It’s our personal responsibility to go beyond our limiting beliefs, quit unhealthy habits and raise the level of positivity along with our self-confidence that can help us achieve everything we desire for.

 From thinkpositivemag.com by Ava Jameson

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